Safer. Smarter. Z-Wave.

Z-Wave enabled technology in the Z-Box Hub

Z-Wave is the only smart home ecosystem with thousands of products from hundreds of brands that are easy to set up and include best-in-class security and encryption. 

Z-Wave is an established smart home ecosystem
Z-Wave is the most secure smart home protocol
Z-Wave focuses on interoperability

Z-Box Is All About Z-Wave

First developed over 20 years ago and adopted by millions of users, Z-Wave continues to bring the same performance and reliability it did at its inception. Mandatory for all certified devices, Z-Wave has for many years been the best-in-class in the smart home IoT with Z-Wave Security 2 (S2).

If you have a smart security panel in your home, it mostly likely runs on Z-Wave. You’ll find it in systems by ADT, Ring Alarm, Vivint, and more.

While there are other smart home hubs that support Z-Wave and include a Z-Wave Plus chip, the Z-Box Hub is the first one built to highlight the Z-Wave technology and fully implement all of its best features. From device compatibility, through performance optimization, communication speed, to S2 security – your Z-Box Hub is here to deliver a smart home experience to exceed expectations.

Z-Wave Technology
Collaboration around Z-Wave technology
Zooz is a Member of the Z-Wave Alliance

Working Together

Zooz and Fibaro, the makers of the Z-Box Hub, are both members of the Z-Wave Alliance. As a member-driven standards organization, the Z-Wave Alliance is dedicated to market development, device certification, and education on Z-Wave technology. We’re proud to support these efforts with the Z-Box Hub as a flagship Z-Wave solution for the smart home.

Companies who race for innovation and often compete are encouraged by the Z-Wave Alliance to collaborate and develop the technology together. Thanks to the standardized protocol and thorough certification process, devices from different brands and manufacturers can still work together, creating a truly interoperable ecosystem.