Z-Box the Best Home Automation System

True Automation

Build your smart home with simple rules and custom scenarios to make your everyday a little easier. The Z-Box Hub features an intuitive automation tool backed by a robust library of options and conditions.

Quality of Life

Make technology work for you. The Z-Box Hub will take over a bulk of your to do list. From turning off the outside lights every morning to making sure the temperature is just right at night, your smart home always remembers the smallest tasks. It’s there for the big ones too, making sure you know as soon as there’s a leak at your mother’s house, whether it’s two miles or two thousand miles away.

Z-Box Hub Improved Quality of Life
Z-Box Smart Energy Management

Smarter Energy

Track power use and make data driven decision about appliance upgrades, alternative energy sourcing, or your daily routine. The Z-Box Energy Panel gives you a comprehensive look at both the environmental impact and dollar cost around your energy balance.

Your Security

Safety is important and you can now take charge of home security with the DIY Alarm panel on the Z-Box Hub. Set up individual zones, add security sensors, and program notifications to stay informed about any activity 24/7. Arm or disarm the system using a PIN code just like on a traditional security panel, without any contracts or monthly fees.

Z-Box Smart Security Ecosystem

A well connected platform.

Local API

You have access to the local API documentation for your Z-Box system straight from the WEB UI. Connect your hub to the software of your choice and seamlessly bridge Z-Wave devices to other technologies.

Quick Apps

Create custom integrations and virtual devices with the built-in Quick App tool. Link devices that run on Zigbee or WiFi through their API documentation to expand your smart home beyond Z-Wave.

Z-Wave Ecosystem

The Z-Box is the first Z-Wave focused hub. Finally, you can unlock the power of true interoperability, encrypted security, and supreme range with thousands of smart home products that have been Z-Wave certified.